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Move better. Feel better.

Rebecca L. Brown MSPT OCS CSCS, started Healthy Soles Physical Therapy with a vision for a different kind of clinic with the mission to help people live and feel their personal best.


Her philosophy is focused, custom, one-on-one therapy designed to regain function and activity and feel better. Through individual one-on-one sessions, she integrates hands-on therapy with muscular re-education, to help patients become pain-free, but doing so while still doing the activities they love.

A marathon runner, mom, and community member, Rebecca has used her life experiences to bring empathy and understanding to her practice. She enjoys a healthy, active life, and wants to help others enjoy the same.


Rebecca is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS), with an in-depth understanding of the evaluation and treatment of every major joint of the body.  She applies her focused and specialized approach to help people live happier and healthier in their bodies.


Healthy Soles PT is a full-service family physical therapy provider. Our approach is completely personalized. Headaches, running injury, pregnancy and post-natal therapy – we tailor your treatment to your unique situation. At Healthy Soles Physical Therapy our goal is to see you safely recovered to achieve your best potential.

Sports Therapy

We understand how the body moves in sports. Our therapy can help you recover from a sports-related injury and return back to the activity you love.

Gait Analysis + Orthotics

Your walking pattern affects your movement from the lower back, hips, knees, essentially your entire body. We can help determine and correct issues that may be causing you pain and retrain your body to move correctly.

Pregnancy + Post-natal

Pain and discomfort as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby are common. Physical therapy is a safe and effective way to ease this discomfort and prepare your body for childbirth and beyond.

Are you ready to feel better?

At Healthy Soles Physical Therapy we treat patients with a variety of ailments, from a sports injury, workplace and repetitive stress issues, and pre-and post-natal treatment.

When your body aches, it is sending a message to get your attention. We can help you understand that message and provide the healing your body is looking for.

Physical therapy is a safe, effective, non-invasive, and non-medication treatment for chronic pain management. Physical therapy addresses the root cause of the pain, unlike opioids and pain medications that merely mask the symptoms. We will listen to you and develop a customized one-on-one treatment plan specific to your needs. We provide evidence-based, hands-on, individualized exercise treatment sessions to relieve back and neck pain, sciatica, joint pain, and more. 

Talk to us about how physical therapy can help you improve your function, reduce pain, help you recover from an injury.

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Clinically proven pain relief

Healthy Soles PT is a certified AposHealth® program provider. AposHealth® helps people with knee, lower back, and hip pain improve their quality of life by improving their gait.

The AposHealth® walking mechanics program is personally tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Over time, AposHealth® re-educates patients’ muscles to maintain the improved walking patterns even when not wearing the device.

This innovative program has been clinically proven to significantly reduce pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis, improve function, and quality of life.

Rebecca has me so in tune to my body that when I walked into her office today, I said “my left tibia is rotated and my ribs are out of place and jammed.” She laughed, and sure enough, it was true.

- Trisha W.

I had an issue with my right leg the last few weeks of marathon training and wasn’t able to run. Thanks to the incredible Rebecca, she figured out the issues and believed I should try my last long run before Boston. I ran 21.5 miles today without pain.

- Megan M.

A big thanks to Rebecca Brown, physical therapist extraordinaire, for the ‘while you are pregnant’ exercises that made for yet another speedy, and easy, labor and delivery.

- Kim M.

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